A Unique concept

Our promise, make you become the creator of your emotions.


The founder, Stephane Wulwick, is a diamond dealer who graduated from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in New York, a consultant specialized in the manufacturing of jewelries for international Jewelry brands and a serial entrepreneur of the online jewelry.

He co-founded CARATIME.com (1st luxury jewels and watches marketplace in Europe in 2009) and co-founded INNOCENT STONE.com (1st Jewelry brand with artificial diamonds in Europe in 2016).

And because Jewelry is a family thing for the Wulwik’s, he lays on the expertise of his brother Jonathan, craftsman jeweler, who manages a manufacturing workshop in Marais, Paris.

Together, they decide to shake up the rules and codes of the traditional jewelry.

With MEDAÏ, they believe that the real luxury lives in the value of the brand, the quality of its products, the accuracy of the services and the possibility to make something unique for the customer.

Thus, the very first digital and mono-product luxury brand dedicated to customized and versatile medal was born.

MEDAÏ is a young, independent French firm, and we are honored to welcome you in the MEDAÏ family.

Our motto

At MEDAÏ’s, the designer is the customer.

Everyone is free to express a feeling, an emotion, a memory while conceiving a fashionable, affordable, and unique medal.

Your medal tells your story.

It's your turn now to engrave the (extra)ordinary.


Because medals are a timeless reference of Jewelry.

Because we address to all generations.

Because we imagine, draw, make and sell from us to you, without any intermediary, your medal, customized at a fair price.

Because we manage, assemble and etch all our medals at our workshop in Paris.

Because for each sold medal, we allocate a contribution to our partner association, 1% FOR THE PLANET.

Because we use lab grown diamonds (no diamond dug out from mines), your jewel will no more be a guilty pleasure.

But above all, because every single moment in life is precious.

United and committed, Medaï transforms the fashion jewelry world with an unparalleled experience

Our commitment

MEDAÏ makes a liberal commitment to donate 1% of its annual sales revenue, taxes free. The association, 1% FOR THE PLANET, makes the commitment to use exclusively and totally our donation for the support of general purpose structures that work for the protection of the environment.

The six main causes of the association are the Climate, Pollution, Nutrition, Natural areas, Water and Fauna.

MEDAÏ is a committed brand and you give us the possibility to take part in the preservation of the planet.