True or false ? The 5 stereotypes of fashion jewelry !

True or false ? The 5 stereotypes of fashion jewelry !

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Hello the Medaï Family,

Today we are breaking the big stereotypes around fashion jewelry !

Indeed, with the trend towards "eating better - consuming better", consumers are being more careful when it comes to the quality of what they buy.

Have you ever meticulously “checked” the components and origin of a product in order to find out a little bit more about how far it has come to your shopping cart ? 

You are not the only one : In January 2021, a study conducted by the Observatory for Responsible Consumption underlined the high level of awareness of the gravity of the environmental situation, considered "very worrying" by 61% of French people.

The study also confirms that a majority of citizens are now opting for radical changes in order to produce and consume less, but better.

So what about fashion jewelry ? Are all the jewels under 100 euros a trap? 

Zoom on 5 very common ideas.

Fashion jewelry is always bad quality - FALSE


Although brands offer steel jewelry at a lower price, many fashion jewelry companies also offer, and fortunately, remarkable quality.

At Medaï, for example, we use a mechanical cutting technique that prevents us from having any roughness on the surface of our medals.


This manufacturing method ensures an exemplary finish ... We could say that we offer High End Fashion jewelry.


That's not all. Each medal is galvanized with a 3 micron thick gold plating. This action helps to cover and protect the jewelry against corrosion. Indeed : after showers, jumps in the swimming pool and sea trips, your medal is fearless.

Laboratory grown diamond is worse than mined diamond - FALSE


Be careful, less expensive does not mean less quality!

As a reminder, a diamond is a diamond, wherever it comes from. At Medaï, our diamonds are ethical and ecological, strictly identical to mined diamonds.

Also note that to find diamonds, men dig in mines, hundreds of kilometers underground, in the earth's mantle, where working conditions are unbearable.

 Today, we know exactly how to reproduce the manufacturing conditions to create diamonds in the laboratory. At Medaï, we are very proud of our choice to opt for eco-friendly diamonds.

 The medal is essentially a baptism or birth jewel - FALSE


Although the baptismal medal has a religious connotation, it is also offered and worn on many occasions.

Note that the medal is a timeless jewel, and the bearer of a message. At Medaï, we give our customers the possibility of endlessly personalizing their medals… For all tastes and all occasions!

 All medals look the same - FALSE


Fake ! Indeed, at Medaï, the customer adopts the designer cap and is free to invent the look of his medal, from the most classic to the most rock'n'roll.

In addition to being able to select the size of the diameter, the appearance, the shape and the color of his medal, the customer can also choose his clip and the link of his chain. The possibilities are endless ...

At Medaï, the customizable clip and the rich palette of customization options embody the key of our concept.

A brand of fashion jewelry cannot be eco-friendly - FALSE


Medaï attaches a huge importance to ethical, social and ecological subjects.

Indeed, we have a manufacturing, transformation and repair workshop based in France, we use lab grown diamonds, our packaging is made from recycled paper and Medaï is a partner of the 1% FOR THE PLANET association, we redistribute part of our turnover to associations protecting Man and the Planet.