How to take care of your jewelry ?

How to take care of your jewelry ?

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Jonathan WULWIK, jeweler, expert in the field, opens the doors of his Parisian workshop to us.

Hello Jonathan, could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you ended up in the jewelry industry ?

My name is Jonathan Wulwik, I am 35 years old. I grew up in Paris.

Jewelry has always been part of my environment. You can almost say that I felt into it when I was a kid ... Indeed My mother and my older brother Stéphane have been working in this sector for a long time.

Obviously, my curiosity pushed me to try my chance too..

Can you tell us a little more about your background?

To better understand the business, I decided to work in a factory in China, based in Shenzhen. Then, I joined the family business for a while before joining a group specialized in diamonds, based in Antwerp.

In 2018 I decided to open my own “atelier”. I joined forces with Paul, a jeweler with 45 years of experience. Together, we opened a storefront workshop in the Marais in Paris. Successful bet : the workshop is now a living space where all types of jewelry are repaired, transformed and personalized.

So when do you land on the Medaï adventure?

Last year, I had the opportunity  to join the Medaï adventure: the first single-product digital luxury brand around customizable medals, created by my older brother in 2020.

It was the concept of infinite personalization that immediately seduced me. The idea that the client could have a unique piece of jewelry made in a few clicks, in noble materials, pleased me a lot and responded to my desire to always satisfy the client.

Can you explain to our readers what are the specificities of the “Medaï” medals?

Our medals have the particularity of being perforated and equipped with an opening and customizable clip.

Usually, medals can be made from copper. Ours are gold plated brass.

This high-end plating allows a longer lifespan and protects the jewel, like a protective film.

Could you also share with our readers some tips for maintaining their jewelry ?

So first, note that the hydroalcoholic gel attacks brass, gold plated and silver. Whenever possible, therefore, wash your hands with water... Hand cream and perfume are also enemies of your jewelry.

When a part is blackened by corrosion, it is necessary to make it emery and then polish. 

A specific pro tip to share?

Yes, a magic trick: mix a little hot water and Paic lemon and rub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush. The result speaks for itself ...

Finally, what is your favorite medal?

My favorite Medai is the 25 mm brushed vintage sandblasted silver medal with 60 cm mesh. With a black rhodium-plating effect. On the engraving side, I engraved "Black is back".

Margot, journalist at Medaï.